Psychoactive fashion from
the ever-present future.

Alternative streetwear and accessories.

*coming soon

Crystals and minerals for a sacred life.

Coming soon.

An alchemically charged crystal talisman.

Founder Leo Marrs

LEO MARRS (@hyperaxis) is a concept artist and creative mastermind. His work is an exploration in what he calls “subject-object causality”—the reflexive loop between creative works and the minds which perceive them. From a lineage of occultists and meta-minds such as renowned philosopher and friend Ken Wilber (A Theory Of Everything), Leo aims to quicken the evolution of consciousness and culture by priming cognitive ecstasy—nonlinear exponential interactions—and advocating right use of the Imagination.

Leo was born and raised on an island in Alaska’s Tongass rainforest and moved to Los Angeles in 2013 to continue his evolution, conduct trans-rational experiments in magick and the occult, and arouse the evolution and ascension of humanity. He ascribes his connection to the beyond to a lifetime of mystical experiences and his ongoing inquiry into the nature of Nature.

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